Feeling like working on a Crossword?

You are definitely in the right place! Here you can find as many crosswords as you want in several languages and with different levels of complexity. You can also create your own crosswords and publish them without having any special skill. Just try it and see how well you can do it. Thousands of people will be able to take and share them.

Keep calm and work on a crossword!

AllCrossword is a website completely oriented to crossword lovers. It has been developed with the belief that the challenge of completing and creating new crosswords, is attractive, interesting and exciting enough to bring users back. AllCrossword has created a common space where the community of people who like to have fun solving or creating puzzles can express their creativity and enjoy a challenging crossword.

We are confident that creating crosswords does not need to be an activity reserved only for professionals or erudites, or individuals with some special kind of art or skill for combining words. By offering this service we intend to prove it. We believe that anyone, regardless of their educational or cultural background, can deploy their abilities and broaden their cultural horizons with practice and perseverance while having a good time working on solving or creating crosswords.

AllCrossword takes the complexity of deploying a crossword, and uses modern technology to simplify the editing process making the task simpler, allowing the creator the flexibility to increase their knowledge, stimulate their mind and keep their intellect active while enjoying this activity without the burden of pen and pencil techniques.

AllCrossword would like that by using this application you were able to increase your knowledges, perhaps to improve your spelling, or in general, to stimulate your mind and keep your intellect active while developing an enjoyable activity.

In simple words, we want you to be able to appreciate the wonderful universe of human language in all its dimensions, edges and angles.

If you are a teacher, you may find this application useful to test your student’s skills by creating fun crossword puzzles for them to complete. On the other hand, a student, may find an entertaining and effective method of study by using of this application to challenge their friends or family. Or you may have a strong interest in developing and enriching your mental abilities in a pleasant way. Our website does not target any user profile in particular. It's for everybody and it belongs to everybody.

The idea for this application came from the reading of several articles that presented the inherent advantages of the creative use of language and mathematics in the solution of puzzles like crosswords and sudokus, to stimulate brain function, promote brain activity, strengthen memory and defer the loss of mental agility. Working on a puzzle, in addition to representing a ludic role, releasing endorphins and activating the centers of pleasure within the cerebral cortex, prevents the risk of cognitive impairment. People who perform them frequently force themselves to use strategies of memory, attention, reasoning and logic. The brain is not like a road in which the more cars travel, the more the asphalt gets worn out. What happens in the brain is quite the opposite, the more it is used, the more it gets activated.

So here we are. We took this project forward and now we are hoping to work on improving it in the future.

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We are glad that you found our page for crossword enthusiasts, and hope you contribute to our collection.

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We believe that we could not have completed this task without the use of The Laravel Framework for which there is not enough words to express our gratitude to the developers.

Welcome to our site and don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions, ideas or any issues or bugs that you have encountered while using AllCrossword. We would appreciate hearing from you.